Wild Horse Owners Association

Limited Number of Owners

By the provisions set forth in both the public report issued by the California Department of Real Estate and the development permit issued by Tehama County, the total number of owners allowed at R-Wild Hose Ranch is 2890. Owners are from all over the United States with the highest concentration being in California. Even on the major three day holiday weekends, 2/3 occupancy in the cabins and campgrounds leaves lots of room for other owners. In all it’s years of operations no owner has ever been turned away from the ranch.

CC & R’s

The basis for the rules of the Owners Association are the CC & R’s which serves to provide in writing the guidelines of ranch ownership and its operation.


R-Wild Horse Ranch has been under the operation and control of the Owners Association since 1988. Each year the owners vote to elect a five person board from amongst the owner base. The Board of Directors oversees the management and operation of the ranch under the guidelines that are set forth in the CC & R’s. Budgets are prepared annually, improvements continue, and there is no debt on the project.

Budget and Fees

The Ranch operates on moneys collected from the owners in the form of dues and assessments. Annual association dues are charged each January to pay for property taxes, insurance, maintenance, improvements, operations, entertainment and so on. A Reserve account has been built up and is maintained to satisfy replacement and emergency needs with out having to impose special assessments on owners. Being debt free assures owners that the quality of the project will not deteriorate.


To provide owners with security, privacy, safety for the family while allowing youngsters the freedom to roam, and protection of your investment, the ranch has a gated entry with guard shack and a patrol on the property 24 hours a day. Only owners and their guests are allowed entry and visitation on the ranch. The facility is private and not open to the public, which provides a recreational experience free from overcrowding and other negatives encountered in a public facility. Owners have 24 hour access to the Ranch.

W.H.O.A. Office

The W.H.O.A office is open Tuesday thru Saturday 7am to 4pm to provide a wide variety of services to the owners. These services include the collection of dues and use fees; issuing owners I.D. cards and the taking of reservations for accommodations.

Reservation System

Owners can reserve a cabin or adult motel room up to 30 days in advance of their stay. This assures owners that if they want a specific location or facility it is available to them and provides the opportunity to reserve favorite cabins or rooms. In all it’s years of operation the ranch has never turned away an owner due to being full.
Camp sites and RV spaces do not require reservations. R-Ranch rules provide for maximum stay periods to ensure that spaces become available continually.


Being an owner at R-Wild Horse Ranch is more that just owning 14,080 acres, Horses and tack, 150 cabins, 550 campsites and the buildings. It’s also the camaraderie of the friendship that is available with other owners. At Thanksgiving it’s turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing provided by the Owners Association. Halloween features a trick or treat street and costume contest. Christmas has decorated trees, lights, and a very special time of the year. New Year’s – Auld Lang Syne and hugs with fellow owners. Weekends and holidays bring events to the Ranch including dances, children’s activities, a variety of owner groups’ activities, along with barbecues and other special events.

R-Wild Horse Ranch Owners Newsletter

The Ranch publishes a monthly newsletter  by email providing up-to-date information on operations, schedules, and upcoming activities.

The basis for the rules of the Owners Association are the CC & R’s which serves to provide in writing the guidelines of ranch ownership and its operation.